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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blonde Moments event coming to the North East!

OOOOH! I'm so excited because I have just found out that there is a 2 day scrapbooking event coming to a town near me. This is copied from UK Scrappers forum:
Aberdeen Craft Group is proud to announce the launch of Scrap Attack, an event for the North East of Scotland, to be held at the Waterfront Hotel, Macduff. The event will be spread over two days and will include classes and techniques to be taught by Dyan Reavely of Blonde Moments and Art from the Heart.
It costs £200 for the 2 days so I am looking forward to hearing what the classes are going to be. I would love to attend something like this! ....and my hubby says he doesn't mind watching the kids....woo hoo!!

BTW If you fancy a challenge I have a sudoku game at end of my blog page and if you fancy wasting some time I also have Pacman - go on relive the 80's!!!

3 comments which I appreciate:

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Sharon your blog is looking fantastic.... guess we can safely say you can run now !!! I really want to tart mine up as well but to darn tired LOL may be picking your brains soon.... said...

Just to let you know it is all working again LOL

Let me know if your mag searches find anything

Karen said...

I will not look at Pacman - I know I'd never get my backside off the computer chair if I start playing lol.