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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Design Collective

I stayed up late last night to do a layout from one of the Design Collective classes and uploaded right after. This is unlike me as usually I need to go back to a layout a day later and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes.
However as expected I was fiddling with it today as I wasn't happy with the bright green of the trees as I felt they didn't match my papers so have digitally altered the layout and made the photo sepia. Not sure whether to go ahead and change the original LO. The colour version shows up the colour of my son's smile and also his shirt matches the papers, the only negative with the sepia version is that I feel the photo is "lost" in the page? I'd welcome any feedback!

4 comments which I appreciate:

Karen said...

I like them both. :) If I had to choose though, I prefer the colour photo. The green is a little distracting, but (as somebody who tends to have a lot of toys/rubbish in the background of all her pics) it's not overly distracting.

I agree that the sepia version blends in with your papers a little. I find sepia/black and white pics work better with brighter papers but that's just my personal preference and lots of people would disagree lol.

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

definately the colour photo Sharon,,,, fantastic page... what a gorgeous little chap you have.

Stephanie Ritchie said...

Hi Sharon,
It's Stephanie. I prefer the sepia picture as it matches the colour of the photos better - but that's only my opinion. Brilliant layout and Andrew is so cute xx

Scrapdolly said...

I think they are both gorgeous pages but I prefer the colour one I think