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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Going nowhere fast

Can't believe I have spent most of my day on PC with very very little to show for it! I have not been working today and have no kids till 4pm so thought I'd get a lot done in house and also get a chance to pimp up my blog page. What a disaster, nothing has worked the way I want - I'm my own enemy though as I want to learn how to walk before I can crawl! I really need to sit down and suss out this HTML stuff!!
Decided to give up for the day and I'm going to watch Desperate Housewives the middle of the day without feeling guilty.... before my peace is shattered at 4!!

2 comments which I appreciate:

Cath said...

If you are anything like me it will take months and you will still be no nearer understanding it:)

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...


know just how you feel, spent the day chasing my tail in between trying to play with new inks on transparencies..