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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Decided to jump on the band wagon!

Just decided at spur of moment that it was time I created my own blog page so here goes!! Haven't really got much of a clue what I'm doing but I suppose I'll pick it up along the way!!
I'm already addicted to the design collective forum and the bebo site, oh and also e bay so I think my ironing pile is going to get pretty big if I get addicted to this next!
Anyway I'll try and remember to post something regularly but I am known within my family as being a bit of a chatterbox so I'm not saying that what I write will be of any interest!!!!!

Watch this space

Waiting to hear the ice cream van coming down my street, mmm.... chocolate slider or a cone??

1 comments which I appreciate:

Karen said...

It's gotta be a cone definitely. :D Welcome to blogland.