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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Holidays - but where is the sun???

Gosh I haven't blogged for a while - no wonder I was hopeless at keeping a diary as a child!!
Schools have been on holiday for nearly a week and so far we have only had one beautiful day of sun. Andrew went away for a few days with his Grandma to her caravan at Cullen and Michael has been working at Inverness so the house has been pretty quiet with just me and Peter. Took the opportunity on Tuesday when the weather was nice to go for a walk along our local beach, it was very warm, quiet and peaceful. That night I made a layout of our walk using one of the Design Collective classes for inspiration.

Here are some more photos from our day

I have also finished another layout that I have been working on for a few days. This one was also made as part of the Design Collective classes

The photograph was taken 2 years ago at Peter's 2nd birthday party. There is a poem around the edges which reads:

I picked a star to wish upon
From all the stars above...
And closed my eyes and made a wish
To send you all my love.
So look up in the sky tonight
And find one special star...
The one that holds my wish to you.
No matter where you are.
When you see that special star
My wish will come to you...
For stars were made to wish upon
And wishes do come true!

I hope it is something that Peter will treasure when he is older. All I have to do now is make something special for Andrew!!
Poor Peter hasn't had many features on my blog recently so think this has made up in part!!

Well we are off to Majorca on Saturday and at long last I should see the sun for more than one day!!
Chow for now!!

4 comments which I appreciate:

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Hi Sharon

Two beautiful layout's, I seriously need to pick your brains for my banner and how you made your own rub ons, you're one clever girl LOL.

Have a great holiday.

Karen said...

You rock - check my blog for details. ;)

Karen said...

You just need to tag 5 other people and grab yourself the 'rockin blogger' blinkie to post on your own blog. :)

The 10, 9, 8, 7 list tec was a separate tag, which of course you're welcome to do as well.

Hope that makes sense. :D xx

Linda said...

I love that page - so colourful.