My Little Pad

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A liitle more about my passion for crafts....

I have always been interested in crafts and making things for as long as I can remember. When I was in primary school I had a Japanese pen pal and she used to send me little origami creations, which I would take apart and put back together again!
I loved making and painting my own halloween costumes and can clearly remember making an "Evil Edna" costume - (she was the bad television set character from Willow the Wisp) when I was in primary 7.

I took O level art in secondary school and although I enjoyed still life painting I far preferred clay modelling and screen printing on to material, infact I submitted the latter as part of my exam. I would've taken Higher Art but as I was studing five other Highers unfortunately I couldn't. I also took up watercolour whilst at college but gave it up, I'm definitely more a "hands on" crafter than an "artist"

I was introduced to cross stitching when I was about 18 and loved it. I have made so many things for myself and also for gifts to others. By far my favourite sewing projects though were Christmas felt kits made by Bucilla, if you want an idea of what they look like then click here. My passion for sewing also extends to machine sewing, I haven't made my own clothes but I have sewn a few fancy dress costumes for myself and for my two sons.
I also painted ceramics, mainly Christmas ones, before my children were born.

I had seen scrapbooking briefly on QVC but as I had so many other crafts on the go I really didn't want to start another one, that is until in Feb 2004 my friend Kerry showed me her scrapbook album that she had started making and needless to say I was hooked!! I went with her and her mum to the Hobbycrafts Exhibition in Glasgow that March and was in awe at all the stands!!

From that day on my scrapbook stash has grown. I used to keep all my stash in my wardrobe and my poor clothes were always getting the heave so I could commandeer the shelves for papers, books, tubs with embellishments and so on.....!! I could only scrap in the kitchen and so couldn't do it till the kids were asleep and I always had to have everything tidied away at the end. It is probably this early experience that has shaped how I organise myself when scrapbooking now.

Last year however we altered the layout of our upstairs and I gained a room for myself!! It is a "spare bedroom" but as I have never had anyone stay over in the 14 years we've been married we are going to put in a sofa bed, which I too will get the benefit of - all I need is a mini bar!! :) :)

I organised for the joiner to make shelves inside the mirrored wardrobes that would exactly fit around the storage I had. I used Christmas gift money to buy a paper storage unit and everything else is kept in boxes of varying sizes. It is great having my own space as I can nip in for 30 mins here and there within a day and I don't need to tidy anything away as I work. My children's bedrooms and play area are right beside my room so I don't feel as though I'm ignoring them as they often come in and play whilst I am scrapping.

Here are some photos of my scrap space: