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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Global Rock Challenge

The Global Rock challenge is a dance competition that is run in countries all over the world. More details can be found here and details on the UK site can be found here.
Our local secondary school has taken part in the past. They will compete against other secondary schools from the Aberdeenshire area as well as with schools from Aberdeen in February 2008. The schools that gain first and second place go on to the next heat at Grimsby in June 2008. Fraserburgh Academy gained second place three years ago and went on to the next stage in Grimsby. This year's team are hoping for the same success.

Copied from the Global Rock Challenge Website:

Our Vision
The Global Rock Challenge™ vision is to achieve social change through the arts by inspiring creative thinking among young people who will shape our future. This vision is driven by the wish to help young people, worldwide, face complex and potentially life-changing decisions.
With the risk of drugs, unemployment, truancy, crime or poor self-esteem many young people may lack the tools, skills or opportunities to avoid these traps. The path they take affects their lives and those around them - families, schools and communities. Global Rock events are designed to give young people new options, perspective and skills.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to inspire and motivate students worldwide to live healthy, positive lifestyles, attend and finish school and be the best they can be in every aspect of their lives.
Through our events our aim is to provide positive opportunities even in areas where young people may be negatively impacted by the many by-products of poor education, poverty or illness - such as abuse, discrimination, crime or drugs, neglect or destructive behaviour. All events emphasise being alcohol-free and drug-free.

How we do it
All Global Rock Challenge™ events emphasise a 100% drug, alcohol and smokefree environment.
This is the message which underpins the three key focus areas of health, life skills and creative thinking.
All events deliver this message through materials such as posters, event signage and other communication materials distributed to schools during the annual competition period and participating teachers are encouraged to use the event to raise these issues with students and discuss them in an educational setting.

The children give up a lot of their time to take part and are totally committed. My seventeen year old sister has been a part of the GRC for past five years and has stayed on to 6th year so that she can be involved in the team that organises it for their school. The children have to choose a theme themselves and plan the scenes, costumes, music, lighting aswell as choreograph the dances. In our secondary school there are two teachers who advise them aswell as help organise fund raising activities.
This year I am helping them to make costumes and will also help with make up etc. My first task is to make 10 belly dancer costumes for one of the scenes. There are only two of us at moment making the 60+ costumes so I was delighted to hear that my cousin's wife is going to help me out. Fingers crossed we get more volunteers next week!! I dyed vest tops last night ready for altering to make the tops as this is much easier than dress making 10 fitted tops!!! No picture to post as yet - don't think a pile of pink, purple and blue vests will make an interesting subject!! But I will take a before and after shot!!

Two weeks ago I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew when I signed up to be part of a team on UK Scrappers and also the Cyber crop they are running.....Yikes now I am going to have sooooo much scrapbooking to catch up on. On the positive scrapbooking side I will need to take plenty photos of the Global Rock's progress so I can make a mini album.

4 comments which I appreciate:

Stephanie said...

Well done for volunteering to do the costumes! I'd like to help but I am rubbish at any type of needlework!

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Blog looks fantastic Sharon, really bright and eyecatching....

Thank you for the hugs, getting a bit nervous now but wanting it done and dusted LOL.

Must finish CJ pages this weekend and a Christmas prezzie I'm working on, then put all my stash away for a few weeks. Might be a good time to delve into digi scrapping or maybe just chill and eat maltesers LOL...

Ewonne said...

Been looking around in your blog for a while now, and I'll be back!!! You do such wonderful things!!!

Lisbet said...

So nice LO´s you have on your side.

Have a wounderfoul week.