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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just like the days of old!!!!

I woke this morning to a freezing house as our heating is broken again!! Scottish Gas have been out three times over the past month because the heating wouldn't switch off however this time it is not going on. We've borrowed a couple of heaters to heat the rooms we can stick to until they come tomorrow to fix it.
My husband suggested we go to bed very early to keep warm but as we have no tv in our room I declined his offer .........or in 9 months time I could have an unexpected bundle...........well you know what they say about the olden days with no heating or tvs!!!
To make matters worse my utility room sink is blocking again when the washing machine is on resulting in all the water that is pumped out overflowing the sink and coming out over the top........on to a carpet aaargggh

I'm off to sit in the small sitting room, which is quite cosy now with the portable heater and read Elsie Flannigan's 52 challenges. Then I'll head to bed with ........................... chocolate and a hot water bottle!!

I hope tomorrow brings a better day.

3 comments which I appreciate:

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Darn that hot choccie looks good! sorry to hear about the heating what a time for it to break down. Hope you don't mind but borrowed the sketch you posted to do a LO of my own as I loved your LO so much.

Jane said...

Hope the heating is sorted now Sharon and that hot chocolate looks yummy!
I do the daily sudoku an mousebreaker, you submit your score at the end. I put my score on my blog as my 2 sisters like to have a go and we compare scores.Let me know if you start doing it, but don't beat me!!!

Jane said...

I've put the link on my blog