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Friday, January 04, 2008

Stash Dieting!!

Myself and a some other Glitter Gossip team members have decided to go on a stash diet.
There is one called S.A.D. (stash addicted dieters) that is running on UKS where each member has to use up existing stash along with dieting and gain rewards for weight lost. However rather than join that one we have started our own one within our team. Therefore we can set our own "rules" as each of us will have different commitments etc.
Here are the rules I have set myself:

* I am allowed to purchase adhesives as required.

* I am allowed to attend crops.

* I can have a total of £40 each month as a budget as long as I complete at least 1 LO per week (average over the month).

* If I do not complete an average of 4 LOs per month then £10 per missing LO will be deducted from the following months budget.

* My monthly kit subscription to Sarah's cards is excluded but add-ons have to be bought from the budget.

* Any unused money can be rolled over to the following month.

* I can borrow up to half of the next months money to make a special purchase.

* I can earn 10p per point I earn for my team e.g DLO earns £2, mini book earns £5 AFTER the compulsory weekly one.

* I can earn £2 per pound of weight lost (I'd like to lose 8lb) and a bonus of £20 once I acheive my weight target.

* My month runs from the 1st of each month.

* Scrapaganza (June) is excluded from my stash diet!!

5 comments which I appreciate:

Jane said...

I wish I only had 8lbs to lose!!
Good luck with your stash diet

Jane said...

I'm team leader for the secret stash strokers Sharon, haven't heard when we will do our challenge yet, will make sure I do yours!

Heather said...

Best of luck with your plans, sounds like a runner to me ;)

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Love the new look blog Sharon. Stash diet sounds good to me, will be interesting to see how it works out LOL...

Guinevere said...

I might have to join you on your stash diet Sharon!I so NEED to use some stuff!!