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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cricut Paper Dolls

Oops yet again I have been neglecting my blog, it is becoming normal now!!!

Just a quick post to upload some characters I made for my son Peter's birthday card. He will be five at the weekend and is daft on Peter Pan at the moment.

I made them using the Cricut cartridge called Paper Doll but had to alter some of the clothes/accessories etc to suit my needs. To make Peter Pan I used the caveboy's clothes and trimmed off a bit. Also put the pirate tshirt under it and clipped a bit to make the collar. His shoes are from the elf with the pom-pom cut off, the belt is from the indian headpiece as is the feather in his hat. The hat was trimmed down from another hat.Hook's coat is from the three wise men, his hat is the girl's cowboy one with the top trimmed down. The frill on his shirt is fromn two of the pirate's waist scarves with the belt bit cut off. You get the dagger, moustache and hook with the pirate boy. Hook's hair is the mermaid's!!! and his sword is the knights....oh and both of them are wearing the prince's tights The Lost Boys should be easy enough as there are "dressing up" outfits there. I am hoping that Zooballoo has a crocodile too.

His birthday card is going to have to be very long!!!

5 comments which I appreciate:

TCake said...

these are fab...he will love them...and think that his mum is a very clever mummy!!

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Sharon they are gorgeous, so much detail and work. I'm sure he'll be thrilled.

Dawn said...

They are fabulous Sharon.

Guinevere said...

Lovely Sharon - lucky boy to have such a clever mum!

Yasmin said...

How super...they look really great.