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Sunday, June 15, 2008

I've been tidying!

Here's a photo of a layout I made recently. I am a tad late in making it as he started school in 2005! I figured I'd better get a move on as his younger brother starts school in August!!

Papers used are Scenic Route Metropolis, there is a little pocket for holding the "checklist"
Covered chipboard in paint and patterned papers.

Since I came back from Holland I decided to have a good tidy out before I could start on my new projects. I wonder how long it will last!

6 comments which I appreciate:

Dawn said...

Very tidy Sharon, come & do mine.
He looks so smart, I like seeing a proper shirt instead of a polo shirt. My sons always wear shirts to school.
Beautiful layout.

WeeHaggis said...

Lovely layout but disgustingly tidy scraproom!

Sarah (UKS Smelly) said...

Love your scrap space sharon and can i ask where you got your paper trays from that are under your desk please

Sharon said...

Sarah I bought them from Annette last year when she was having a clear out. I think she bought them from a shop that was closing down but double check with her.
they are very useful! I also have a paper tray unit with drawers (which can be seen in the other photo) I bought it from storage 4 crafts however if you got one I'd recommend the paper trays over the drawers as it is hard to get the paper out.

Lisbet said...

Awake in the night and cannot sleep. Decided to get some inspiration for the week so I began to jump around on blogs to see if my eye can catch some new ways. I´m really happy that I came across your blog and I have stayed much longer then I should at your place. Thanks a million for all the inspiration.

Eleni said...

What a great Scrap room you have Sharon!! Totally green with envy here!!! :D :D