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Monday, February 09, 2009

UKS Whodunnit Cybercrop

I have had a fantastic time this weekend joining in with the manic and brilliant cybercrop over on UKS. The classes kicked off at 7pm on Friday and I stayed up till 2.45am (yes AM!) on Saturday morning to complete a layout that I started just after midnight - mad or what!! And I wasn't alone, lots other peeps were up late doing exactly the same.
After a short sleep I was up in the morning ready to go again. There were lots of fantastic classes and between Friday night and Saturday night I managed to take part in four classes.
In the Frame by Artbase

Black and Blue by Ann AKA Anni B

The Mousetrap by Maria AKA Ziggysmammy

The Unexplained by Bubbly Funk

In between the classes were fun challenges, quizes and mystery guests to keep us entertained too. I tried a few quizzes and some of the easier photographic challenges. I did however take part in one layout challenge called Cluedo - our team had two hours (between 10pm and midnight) to come up with a layout - our brief was: Suspect ~ Miss Scarlet, Room ~ Dining Room, Weapon ~ Candlestick. We had to make a red layout featuring a food related photograph and also had to include glitter and glue. As our team won two earlier challenges we also got extra items which were patterened paper and chipboard.

Here is my layout:

Unfortunately I was away for most of Sunday so couldn't do any of Sunday's classes by the deadline however I have printed them off along with the other ones from the weekend to do at a later date.

A big thank you to all those involved in making the cybercrop possible. It takes a tremendous effort to bring us all this. I was part of the Interpol team and although we didn't collect the most points along the way we had a brilliant time. I have made many friends that I hope to keep in touch with. Cal was a fantastic leader too, she was always there for us with her witty sense of humour so thank you Cal too.

3 comments which I appreciate:

Erika said...

Boy have you had a busy weekend, loving all your LO's, and very jealous that I didn't manage any.
You're on a roll, girl!!!

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Love all the layouts Sharon especially the mystery kit LO, such attention to detail is beautiful.

Eleni Gratsia said...

Sharon what BRILLIANT layouts!!! I'm glad you had fun at your retreat!!! :)