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Friday, March 27, 2009

Food, Drink, Laughter and a little bit of crafting!

Finally got a chance to put up some pictures with a write up following the fab weekend we had two weeks ago at Mayne House,Elgin.

The House

What is worse than a girl packing for a weekend away?
THREE girls packing for a CRAFTING weekend away!

Here are some of us on Friday
Sarah, Angela (or me - in red), Frances, Fiona, Christine, Sarah and baby Bronte

Setting up the "craft room"

In the kitchen

Preparing for our meal on Friday evening - Pizza, garlic bread and salad washed down with wine of course!

The Corry fans (not me!) didn't want to miss the wedding so we took a short break.
I played with Bronte.

The Saturday gang.
Angela, Jo, Sarah, Jane, Christine, me, Sharon, Frances, Erika, Fiona, Sarah.

Sarah, Jo, Fiona and Frances peeping out of the "craft room"

Angela and I went outside to pose LOL

Happy Crafters!

Three Glitter Gossips
It was great to meet Sharon from Inverness for the first time. Erika, Sharon and I are all in the same UKScrappers team.

Bronte was our youngest guest, she was a wee angel the whole weekend.

Delicious Chinese meal for Saturday evening.

Fun, games and laughter on Saturday evening.

Sarah and Angela going head to head in the Embellishment game.

The anagram game provided lots of hilarity and it also brought out a lot of the competitive sides! Fiona was desperately waiting for the extremely difficult IGNX to come round!! Can't believe GIN X proved so hard!
Frances kept getting Steve (AKA Autumn Leaves) and Sarah couldn't see Heidi Swapp, as she kept seeing Dishwasher LOL

Sadly we said goodbye to Sharon, Jo and Erika on Saturday but Janice and Gillian joined us on Sunday.

Some pictures of us crafting on Sunday

Messiest desk award goes to ANGELA!
She was working on an area 2" by 6" !! Can you tell she's a florist! LOL!
(she can also claim prize for the loudest snorer but shhh! I won't tell)

I can't believe how quickly the weekend passed. Everyone had a great time.
We shall definitely have to do it again.

Thank you everyone for all the laughs and companionship over the weekend. It was great to make new friends and bond with everyone. I personally took a lot more away from the weekend than just crafting.

3 comments which I appreciate:

misteejay said...

Great photos - looks like you had a really fab time.

Toni :o)

Shazza said...

fab photos Sharon, thanks for letting me join you on the Saturday, I had a ball.

rebekah22 said...

It looks like you had such a great time. I think we should have a CC thread retreat...x