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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Craft Room

Thought I'd share some pictures I took today of my craft room. I love looking at others' rooms so thought some people might like to see my one.....and also beacause I just gave it a quick tidy LOL
My tables are from Costco - cost under £20 each and are well worth it - they can fold away too.

My new purchases ready for art journalling came today. I couldn't get Sharpie poster paint pens in the UK so chose another brand. Sonja I'll let you know how I get on with them LOL.

Here is an art journal page I did in August (my one and only page LOL) I made it to give to Dyan Reaveley. All the ladies that attended Scrapattack in Macduff in September made a page about ourselves to give to her.
Click on it for a larger image and who knows you might read something about me that you didn't know......x

16 comments which I appreciate:

Together We Save said...

Oh my word.... your craft room is amazing!!

Janice said...

So you live in a shop lol! Fab stash there and the room is pretty good too. Love your arty page.

kirsticoo said...

Oooh I do like your page about you - it's very colourful... and your room is brilliant - I am still waiting for the extension to go up so I can have my own custom built room (think the planning is up 2011) in the mean time I make do with what was the dining room...x

Anonymous said...

What an amazing craft room! And I love that journal page :)

Kaz said...

OMG Sharon, your room looks like a shop!! I have stash and craftroom envy xx

Karen said...

WOW I WANT your craft room!!!!! Its amazingly tidy Sharon!

Loving your Journal page too XXX

Hazel said...

I've so enjoyed my look around your craft room and also your fab LO. I'd love to move into your craft room. I thought I'd got a lot of stash, but now I don't think I have (so perhaps I need to buy more - lol!)

Happy New Year x

TCake said...

love the craft room, how much stuff do you have!.... hope that you and the family have a healthy & happy new year. Tx

Sharon said...

Teresa I have too much!!
Janice and Kaz my husband would agree - he too thinks it is like a shop - especially the clip it up stand that still has the prices on the packets LOL
I definitely have an addiction!

Angelnorth said...

Great creative space (but waaaay too tidy, missus!) and I love your journal page, the fairy figure with your face looks great!

Traceyr said...

Sharon that is not a craft room that is a craft SHOP hahaha

What a lucky woman to have such a spare.

Love the fact that you can display all your fabulous projects too.

Love your ME layout too.

Happy New Year. :)

Ruth said...


Thanks for sharing your room with us......I wonder if I can get a refund on one of the kids and get my spare room back!!

Happy New Year Sharon

Ruth xxx

Liz said...

Wow Sharon that is some craft room. I have a tiny cubby hole that gives me cold hands due to draught from the loft hatch. Not jealous one little bit :0)

Nancy said...

I am so jealous of your craft room, I would love to have that much space, my corner of the living room will have to do for now!

Lovely blog too.

Dawn said...

I have been noseying round your craft room.
Are your stackables in the birch with the paper trays sturdy how much can 1 tray hold roughly?

Very neat craft room.

Sharon said...

Hiya Dawn - I'll email you.