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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Now this is what I call Snow!!!

We set off this afternoon to go to White Cow Woods, which is about 10 miles from our house, in the hope of going sledging.
We thought that our main obstacle would be in actually getting there however we were mistaken as we got there with no problems!
However the car park for White Cow Woods was over a foot deep in snow and only a tractor would dare venture in there! The boys were disappointed as we had to do a 3 point turn on this country track and head for home, however as we turned the car we spotted a very long sloped track road hidden behind a snow drift.
Fortunately a tractor had at one point been down that road enabling us to walk in the shallower treads but the snow was just too deep for sledging.
Nevertheless Andrew and Peter had great fun playing in the deep snow. One of the photos shows the snow up to the top of Andrew's legs and over my knees, another photo shows it up to Peter's waist.

A fun day!

We had to drive up that hill over on the right to get home!

10 comments which I appreciate:

Traceyr said...

Now that is snow!!!

Looks like a Christmas card - maybe you could use the image for next year?


Angelnorth said...

Looks like fun, glad you managed to find somewhere safe to stop the car!

Hazel said...

That's a lot of snow - looks like your youngster is really enjoying it. x

jo said...

Proper snow! Looks as though you all had a whale of a time.

Janice said...

Great pictures Sharon. Something for your boys to remember for a long time.

Kellylouj said...

WOW what wonderful pictures, such deep snow looks a lovely little haven shame it was too deep xx

Kaz said...

Wow those pictures are beautiful, but you can keep the depth thanks! x

kirsticoo said...

Brilliant pictures Sharon... I would have been too scared we got stuck to go venturing that

Shazza said...

what great photos Sharon

Anonymous said...

The house you can see in the bottom picture is my old house!!!
Stephanie x

p.s love all the work you've been doing :)